Thursday, January 8, 2015

Crafting w/Pops & Podge: Lucky & Love Edition

Hey ladies!  Are we are so excited to be starting a new year!  I am taking a break from eating my lettuce wraps and spin classes to post some cutie crafts heading your way on February 7th.  Tag team, back again, to bring you a bigger and better craft night.  We do the kits and you just come and do the crafting.  Could not be easier!  And the best part is the cool chicks you get to hang out with.  Friends or strangers, either way we are all up for a good time and some crafting and to take our minds off of the world that evening.  So sign-up today and before Tuesday, January 27th so we can get everything ready for you! PS if you want to get updates about our craft nights and join in on some crafting conversation, we have a FB group page. You can join it here.

Here are some more details:
Date:  Saturday, February 7, 2015
Where: Arbor Crossing Clubhouse/Beaverton (We will give you the address after you sign up)
Time: 4pm-10pm
Cost: There is an admission fee of $5 (to cover the cost of the building and clean-up). This is just for entrance only. The cost of the crafts will be extra.
How Do I Pay? The easiest way would be via Paypal. You will register below and let us know which crafts you want and we'll send you an invoice. If you fill out the registration form early enough, you are more than welcome to mail a check or drop it off to one of our houses. Just shoot us a quick email if this is the route you want to go. If you want to pay by credit card over the phone or drop off a payment in Beaverton or Hillsboro, we can make arrangements with you! We could also SHIP kits if your interested!

Who Can Come? Um... anybody! You don't have to be super crafty to come! We will have examples and detailed instructions for you. And of course, we will be there in person to answer questions.

Do I Need To Bring Anything? Besides yourself... your mom or your neighbor or your sister. Don't worry about bringing anything unless you're super attached to that special pair of scissors that cut amazingly and you can't craft without them.

Are you reeeeaaaaaaady to rumble craft!  Here they are....

Craft numero uno, let's start with Hello!

Color Choices: You tell us and we will get it!
Word is approx 1 1/2 thick and 5" x 12"

Color Choices: All shades of green or white
Word is approx 1 1/2 thick and 16" x 14" when stacked and
8" x 25" when spelled horizontally

Stacking Shamrocks (SOLD OUT)
Color Choices: All shades of green or white
Word is approx 1/2 thick and 6" x 6.5" when stacked

 St. Patty Wreath - UNLIMITED QTY
Color Choices: Shamrock or Green/Gold dot
12 inch wreath

Stacking Eggs (1 AVAILABLE)
Color Choices: Easter/spring paper
Each egg is approx 1/2 thick and 6" x 6" 

Love (6 avail)
Color Choices: Red, Lt Pink, Dk Pink, White
Word is approx 1 1/2 thick and 16" x 13" when stacked and
8" x 27" when spelled horizontally

 Arrow (SOLD OUT)
Color Choices: Various
Arrow is approx 1 1/2 thick and 4" x 12" 

Color Choices: Various paper + Gold/Red Glitter
  is approx 1/2 thick and 23" x 14"


 Hearts (2 avail)
Color Choices: Various
Hearts is approx 1 1/2 thick and largest is 7.5" x 7.5"
But these hearts would be the three different sizes.

Boxwood Heart Wreath - UNLIMITED QTY
Word is approx 12"

Color Choices: Various
Word is approx 1/2 thick and 8" x 10"

Color Choices: Various
Board is approx 1/2 thick and 8" x 10"

Scrabble Blocks - UNLIMITED QTY
Love or initials/heart

Tile Coasters - UNLIMITED QTY
$6 (additional coasters $1 each)
 Set of 4 (we also have a stripe and heart one)

Birds (3 avail)
Set of 3 (Sm, Med, Lrg)

Happy Crafting, we will see you Feb 7th!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Crafting with Pops and Podge - Christmas Edition

Hello Fellow Crafters!

This blog has kinda gone by the wayside...But it now has a new purpose! We have revived it! Hallelujah! (And I will now break into song and dance. Please excuse me for a minute)...

.... and now I'm back.

Christie and I are embarking on a new adventure. See, we have been known to host some pretty awesome craft nights. Craft nights are amazing cause we do all the prep work  (the cutting of the boards, sanding them, cutting all the vinyl, shopping for all the crafty supplies) and then our friends come and sit down and start crafting away without having to do the back-breaking labor that goes on behind the scenes.

Well. There's been a problem with our craft nights. They've become a little too big to host in our little house anymore. Womp womp. So, what are two girls to do?

I'll tell ya... We decided to make our craft nights b.i.g.g.e.r.! We rented a space and are expanding our craft night to everyone! #mindblown

Now, I have to warn you cause the building isn't really anything to be desired. It's not super fancy or anything, but it'll do the trick. We are just over the moon excited to have a place big enough to hold more than 10 people!

Look at us! We just rented a crafting space! Yippee!

Here are the deets on the craft night (and please read it carefully! There will be a test! Ha ha, just kidding. No test. BUT, it does help to read all the info and ask questions later).

Date: Saturday, December 13th, 2014

Time: 2 p.m. - 10 p.m. - Come anytime. You can stay for a half hour or all 8 hours. Your call.

Where: Scholls Grange (not Kinton Grange)
             16917 SW Hillsboro Hwy
             Scholls, OR 97140
Just past the Smith Berry Farm!

Cost: There is an admission fee of $5 (to cover the cost of the building and clean-up). This is just for entrance only. The cost of the crafts will be extra.
How Do I Pay? The easiest way would be via Paypal. You will register below and let us know which crafts you want and we'll send you an invoice. If you fill out the registration form early enough, you are more than welcome to mail a check or drop it off to one of our houses. Just shoot us a quick email if this is the route you want to go. If you want to pay by credit card over the phone or drop off a payment in Beaverton or Hillsboro, we can make arrangements with you! We could also SHIP kits if your interested!

Who Can Come? Um... anybody! You don't have to be super crafty to come! This is the perfect night for you to get your craft on. There is a lot of work that goes into crafting, but we've figured out all the nitty gritty details, and you just get to have fun! We will have examples and detailed instructions for you. And of course, we will be there in person #it'syourluckyday to answer questions.

Do I Need To Bring Anything? Besides yourself... your mom or your neighbor or your sister. Don't worry about bringing anything unless you're super attached to that special pair of scissors that cut amazingly and you can't craft without them. :)

BONUS:  Guess what? We've added a bonus feature for you! We are lucky to have Stephanie from Crafting in the Rain doing a demo from 4 pm - 8 pm on some amazing FROZEN ornaments (check it out here), which you can purchase for $8 (which has been added to the registration form) and Lauren from Lauren's Latest will be doing a demo at 6pm of some of her amazing (and yes, they are amazing... I've tasted it) mixes (cookie mix and chocolate cake mix). These are amazing (yes, I keep saying that word) because all YOU do is add the butter, eggs, and water, and you're good to go. You can put them together right there with her.  Or if you were planning on attending earlier or later, we will have all of the supplies there for you with the instructions.

Now onto the crafts!

O Holy Night Board
Color Choices: Red or Green
Board is approx 8" x 24"

Fa La La La La Board
Color Choices: Red or Green
Board is approx. 8" x 24"

Glitter Reindeer 
Limited quantity. If you want this one, sign up fast!
Glitter Choices: Gold, Red, or Silver

Christmas Trio Boards
Colors are as shown (we will have a variety of greens available).
$15 for the set
Large Board: approx 12" x 14"
Medium Board: approx 8" x 10"
Small Board: approx 4" x 6"

Christmas Advent Calendar
Color Choices: Red, gold, and white
or Green, gold, and white
(Or if you want just red and white, or green and white, let us know!)
Board is approx 10" x 18"
It has chalkboard vinyl on it and will come with a piece of chalk

Rosette Grapevine Wreath
Felt Color Choices: Cream, white, green, mustard, red, or burgandy, 
Wreath is approx 14"

 "Joy" Burlap Wreath
Red Only

Wooden Christmas Nativity

 Felt Poinsettia Tree Skirt
Color Options: Cream, white, red, or burgundy

Glitter Letters
Word Options: JOY or NOEL
Glitter Options: Red, Gold, or Silver

Frozen Ornaments
Set of 3 Ornaments: $8
Ornaments (without the vinyl) $1 each

Gifts in a Jar
2 for $12 or 1 for $7
Cookie Mix & Chocolate Cake Mix

And there ya have it, folks. Tons of crafts, demonstrations by some talented bloggers, and all around good old-fashioned fun. :)

If you think those crafts are awesome and you are feeling crafty, please register! And, don't forget to bring some extra cash to the craft day in case you want to purchase something else.

Fill out my online form.

Please contact us at if you have any questions!

We are like, super stoked to be doing this craft night and hope y'all will come and have a blast! And just as a super cool bonus we will have a raffle every few hours for something crafty.  Excited to see you all there!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Craft Kits

Hello Pops and Podgers! Christie and I are so darn excited to start making craft kits! This has been something we have talked about doing for the past 3 years... but life and babies and kids and jobs and everything in between seemed to get in the way. But, we have put together our first kit, and it's up for sale on our Etsy shop!

Why craft kits??

Good question! Christie and I have a little craft group that we do every couple of months or so. We decide the crafts, put everything together for it, and then have our friends come over and we get - our - craft - on. They love it because they don't have to do any of the work behind getting the craft ready... they just get to show up and do the fun part!! How awesome sauce is that?

Just show up and craft instantly? It's pretty much a win-win scenario.

So, Christie and I thought it would be fun to share our craft kits with all y'all.

We decided to kick off our craft kits with a Glass Etching Kit. Etching glass is a fun and super quick way to personalize your glassware! A couple of years ago for Christmas, I went to the dollar store, bought some drinking glasses, and etched each family member's name into their own glass. I gave it to them with their favorite soda, favorite candy, a movie, and some popcorn. It was so fun to create, and it's a gift that can be used over and over again!

I've also etched all my glass pans with my last name. I can't tell you how necessary this is!! If you take food to some dinner, or reception, or whatever,  there will be NO mistake which pan is yours!! And unlike that hideous masking tape some women have branded their pans with, you don't have to worry about your name coming off in the dishwasher!

So, we all know that glass etching is important. After I had decided to etch my pans a couple of years ago, I went to Michaels and looked into buying glass etching cream.... and I was SHOCKED with how expensive that goop was. Seriously! $25 for like a 10 oz bottle! What the heck? I certainly didn't need that much cream to etch 3 pans! And that price! I pretty much fainted in the middle of Michaels over that price.... but I bit the bullet and bought it. Now, almost 3 years later, I still have that same bottle sitting in my craft closet. Sure, I've used it a few more times, but it still makes me cringe thinking of how much I paid for that bottle.

Sometimes, the cost of crafting takes the fun out of it. It can take a lot of time and resources to get all the necessary supplies in order to complete a craft! And that's precisely why you should let Christie and I do the hard work for you. Just let us gather all the supplies, ship them to you, and you can party hardy while you craft!

What exactly comes in our Glass Etching Craft Kits? You will get the following:

*Small container of etching cream (enough to etch about 2 items, depending on the size)
*Foam brush to apply the cream
*Gloves (safety first!)
*Vinyl stencil for what you want to etch. You will be able to purchase one of our premade dish soap designs (if you want to etch a dish soap dispenser), or you can etch any word or phrase you would like (upon checkout, you will leave a note with what you want etched). We have 4 fonts available...

And of course, if you would like something custom made, you can always contact us and we are more than happy to work with you!

 BUT what is even better... is Christie and I have put together a video on YouTube that gives you complete directions on how to glass etch! Yeah, that's right. You get to see all the nerdiness of us giving you directions on how to glass etch. It's beyond exciting, trust me. ;)

We have put together a video with instructions for each craft kit we put together. Pictures are great... but I am a visual learner. I can follow instructions 134% better if there is a video vs. pictures. I'm not bad mouthing pictures... I'm just telling you what works for me!

You can purchase a kit through our Etsy shop. Each kit costs $9.99 plus S&H. If you want to order more than 1, you can contact us for special pricing!

Now let's get crafting!


Friday, July 26, 2013

{Peanut Butter Dream Frosting}

Wow, summer sure has flown by. I can't believe that we are almost done with July.... grrrr.... I'm a little nervous for the summer to end. You see, my oldest daughter will be starting kindergarten and my middle daughter will be in preschool, which means I'm going to officially be a "School Mom", at least that's what I call it. You see, up until now, my life has revolved around whatever I have wanted it to. We wake up when we want, eat whenever, go wherever, and haven't had any limits set on our time. I realize this is going to change dramatically, so I've been soaking up these past few months before my life revolves around school. Know what I mean?

We haven't really done anything super spectacular this summer. I started running at the high school track a few days a week with some friends, and we pretty much go swimming every day. No big vacations are planned, but we do have lots of visitors coming next month. Woot woot!

However, here some things we've done...

I took pictures of my kids. Last year I bought my first DSLR camera because I was sick of paying people to take pictures of my kids... so I've been practicing my mad photography skills, and here's one of my favorite pictures from this year.

Ugh. Love that girl so much! 
We celebrated the Fourth of July in style...


And celebrated 8 months of having this little one (who's not so little... 22 lbs is a lot of squishy, cuddly chub!) in our lives. Aw, she just melts my heart every time, and I do mean ever single time, I look at her!

And yes, I've even squeezed in some baking. Nom, nom, nom! I made these cupcakes for a baby shower a few weeks ago. I wasn't super impressed with how the actual cupcake turned out, but it didn't matter 'cause the frosting was simply dee-vine. Seriously. I can't describe how fluffy and light it was... you'll just have to make it for yourself and see what I'm talking about!

I used the same recipe I used here, but modified it a little. I added more powdered sugar and cream since I was making a bigger batch. Also, I have a problem with not really measuring things, so I just kept adding stuff until I got the results I wanted. I know, this may drive some of you crazy, but I just can't help it!

But just for good measure, I'll give you the recipe again...

Peanut Butter Dream Frosting

*1 c. powdered sugar
*1 c. creamy peanut butter
*5 TBSP unsalted butter, softened
*3/4 tsp. vanilla extract
*1/4 tsp. salt
*1/3 c. heavy cream

*In a bowl, mix together powdered sugar, peanut butter, butter, vanilla, and salt.
Mix until creamy, scraping the sides of the bowl if needed.
Add the heavy cream and mix on medium speed until light and smooth.

Ooo la la! Enjoy!


Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY 4th of July + $200 Gift Card Giveaway!

I am sooooo excited to post today! Eeeee!!! I'm practically squealing like a little school girl! Why am I excited? Two reasons. 1.) I have a fabulous project tutorial to share with you and 2.) I have teamed up with some amazing bloggers as well as to give one lucky reader a $200 e-gift card to either Jo-Ann's or Home Depot. Keep reading for more info! But first, let's get started on this awesome project.

As you know, we love the 4th of July around here. Christie's husband is a Marine, and my brother is a Marine and I have another brother enlisting in the Navy, so we are pretty darn patriotic around here and have a deep love for this amazing country. To celebrate, we are always trying new recipes and creating new projects that channel those fabulous colors of red, white, and blue.  Want to see more of what we've created? Just click here for some more simple treats you can make yourself! 

 Now that I have 3 kids, carrying all of their stuff makes me look like a one woman circus, if you know what I mean... and with those of you who have kids, you know what I mean... Instead of constantly looking like a crazy lady, I wisened up and started making my two older girls carry their own stuff. We have practically a bazillion dress up purses, so when we go to church, or swimming, or to the park, the girls each bring their own purses with their own little drinks in it or chapstick, or whatever Barbie they decide needs to tag along that day. And here's the thing... Every year on the 4th of July, we go to a parade, have a little BBQ, and go see some fireworks and since the 4th tends to A.) Be hot, which means we are carrying around extra drinks B.) Be a long day, which means we are carrying around extra snacks and toys to keep the kidlets happy C.) Involve parades, which means lots and lots and lots of candy and D.) Involve fireworks, which means my girls like to carry their own sparklers and pop-its around, I did not... let me repeat that... I DID NOT want to be the one carrying all that extra stuff... So, when I was contacted by to create a DIY 4th of July project from Jo-Ann's (want some awesome coupons? Click here), I knew I wanted to make something that was quick, fairly easy, and p.r.a.c.t.i.c.a.l.  That's how this little tote was born...

I am not much of a seamstress, so this tote had to be on the easy side. I waivered back and forth between being super adventurous and making my own tote, or make things simple and use a canvas tote... you can cllleeeaaarrrrlllyyy see that the canvas tote is the big winner here.

I wanted the tote to be red, white, and blue (of course) and I wanted some sort of flag theme. So, I decided to purchase just a plain white medium tote, some red polka dot fabric (which I am in love with!) and some blue fabric to adorn the tote with. For once, this project turned out just how I envisioned... I love it when that happens! Woot! Holla like a rock star!

Want to make one (or two, or three) of your own? Here's what you'll need to complete each tote...

Step numero uno... Cut 5 or 6 red strips. One of my totes had 5 strips and the other one had 6 strips. That's just how it ended up....  I cut mine 1" wide and made them 13" long. My tote was 13.5" wide, but I didn't want the strips to reach all the way to the end, hence the 13".  However, for the last strip, I cut it about 12" long because the bottom of the bag wasn't as wide.

I then fused them onto the tote using some Stitch Witchery. That stuff seriously saved my life! I'm so glad I fused it to the tote... you'll see why in a second. I didn't hem the strips because I knew I would be sewing them onto the tote later on, and after they were sewn,  if they frayed a little, that's ok. That's the look I was going for. If your heart desires, you can hem the strips. Just cut a them a little wider. Here's what the tote should look like after the strips are fused onto the tote.

And here's what they look like after they were sewed onto the tote. Like I said before, I'm glad I fused them on first so that they stayed in place while I was sewing. I'm kind of an awkward seamstress because I'm pretty much making things up on my own, and I don't have a lot of sewing experience, so I didn't want to be bothered with tons of pins poking me everywhere! :)

Step #2. Cut two strips of blue fabric. Your measurements don't have to be exactly what mine are, but I wanted a fairly large flower, so these are my measurements... 3" x 9" for the smaller strip and 5" by 26.5" (can you tell I didn't really measure... classic.)

The smaller strip you will fold it in half and baste it. The larger strip I decided not to fold it in half (I wanted it to be kind of floppy) so I just basted it. I didn't hem the strips either because I wanted them to be a little frayed, but I didn't want them to fray completely, so the stitching helps with that. 

See how lovely it looks all basted?

Step #3. After your strips are basted, cut scallops on them. Some people would probably make a template with scallops and trace around the template, but I really didn't want to do that, so I simply cut scallops. Flowers in nature aren't perfect, so why should this flower be absolutely perfect? Sometimes, beauty lies in the imperfections. Heh heh heh...

I cut smaller scallops for the smaller strip, and larger scallops for the larger strip.

Step #4. Sew around the scallops.

Step #5. Gather both strips to create some ruffles. I'm not very good at gathering material and ruffling, so this was probably the hardest part of the whole project. Remember I'm a little awkward at this kind of stuff? Well, if you're a whiz, then this whole step should be a breeze for ya.

Gather the strip until it makes a little circle. Make a little stitch by hand to fasten the circle together. My circle overlapped a little, and that's perfectly okay because it adds a little to the natural flower affect I was going for. Do this for both strips.

Step #6. Take a little break and enjoy some smiles from a sweet baby girl and and Diet Coke with lime.

Step #7. Place the smaller flower on top of the bigger one, and sew in place. I just did little stitches by hand  at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00 positions to make sure it was on there securely.

 Step # 8. Sew the flower securely onto your tote and add a little embellishment! My girls picked their embellishment out, and of course it had to be a little sparkly button! *Little side note: My flower was a little floppy, so I just dabbed some fabric glue here and there to adhere the petals to the tote. If you don't have fabric glue, I'm sure a hot glue gun would work!

Step #9. (Last one, I promise) Take pictures of your cute girls with their new totes and send it to me! If you have boys, you could easily make a star out of the blue fabric and if you happen make a tote for a boy, take a pic and send it to me! If you made one for yourself (like I am conteplating doing), take a pic and send it to me! My email is:


I would love to see all pictures of your totes and learn more about you! I may even do a post featuring your totes!

 See, isn't that a fun project? Yippee!

Now, for some the other fun stuff!

I have teamed up with  and seven other bloggers to host this giveaway and blog hop!
First off, who are our other bloggers who have designed their own DIY 4th of July projects? They are:

1. Natalie at Natalie's Sentiments

2. Katie at Made to be a Momma

4. Stephanie at Crafting in the Rain

5. Danielle at Blissful and Domestic

6. Emily at House and Hone

7. Lisa at Grey Luster Girl

Stop by and show them some lovin'! They are fabulous bloggers, and I have admired their talents from afar. They have been so amazing to work with!

Now you have the chance to win a $200 e-gift card to either Jo-Ann's or Home Depot! Your choice!

Whoa, that's awesome sauce. Seriously. $200? You get to choose between two awesome stores? You've got to enter this giveaway! Snap to it!

Now here's the details...
The giveaway runs from July 1st through midnight on July 7th. To enter the giveaway, simply tell us what DIY 4th of July project you would like to create, and "like" each of the blog hop hosts on Facebook. That's it! The winner will picked via Rafflecopter on the 8th and will be contacted via email. If you do not respond to the email within 48 hours, we will pick another winner. 

That's it! 
Now I'll stop gabbing and let you submit your entries!!

Happy Crafting!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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