Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kids Corner - Pudding Painting

Today I woke up and decided we would pudding paint.
So, here's what I did...
1. Made a package of instant chocolate pudding.
2. Stripped my kids down to their undies.
3. Put my kids with the pudding inside the bath tub.
4. Let them have at it.

It was quite funny watching Miss A at first.
She kept looking at me and saying,
"Are you sure it's ok to do this?"
Then she was really hesitant to put her hands 
in the pudding,
but after I showed her she could paint and draw 
with the pudding, she went to town!

I did make it extremely clear that the minute she painted
outside the tub, we would clean up.

Miss H loved dabbling chocolate pudding into her hair.

This was a great activity that kept the kids occupied for about an hour...
and that's practically an eternity in kid time. 
I was able to fold the laundry, dust, and vacuum
while I heard squealing and laughing coming from my two girls.

After they were done, 
I gave them washcloths, turned on the shower, 
and rinsed the chocolate away.
I also gave Miss A a squirt bottle to help me wash the pudding off.

After all the pudding was off,
the kidlets got a bath. 

I was forced to actually clean the tub,
which was part of my plan anyways!
(After the kids were out... thank heavens for Scrubbing Bubbles!)

This was a great activity that was cheap, fast, and fun!


  1. I have never done it with pudding, but we have done it with shaving cream! It is a great cleaner too....



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