Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Little Red Rocking Chair

Okay so I did it!  I completed my first piece and am already working on my second!  I had to go out of town for a little while for a work thing.  Louisville was quite hot, felt like I was walking into an oven really.  Coming from Portland when I walked out of the Airport in Louisville at 11pm at night I had to start stripping the layers off and was cursing the jeans and tennis shoes I wore on the flight.  A few days later, I went to Chicago to visit a friend for a few days.  It is such a beautiful city and her baby even more so!  I think I would want to live there if there were no winter.  But alas, it happens and winter happens bad in the windy city.  Back to furniture...

The little red rocking chair has been a joy to work on.  A learning lesson for sure.  Here is what I learned:
  1. I don't like working with spray paint.
  2. I don't like working with anything oil based.
  3. I don't like white primer under red spray paint (rookie mistake).
  4. There are a lot of little parts on little chairs.
  5. I do like glazing, but it did not really stand out enough so I just stained.
  6. Sand, sand and sand somemore.
  7. That my little boy loves his new red rocking chair.
  8. The little red ottoman is coming soon.

    $5 at a garage sale.  Look they even left me some stickers.
    My cool plastic spray gun handle was a good purchase.  But I should have just painted on a tinted primer.

    Turned out pretty cute though

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  1. Christie Lynn - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Portobello Road from Bedknobs and Broomsticks (although I hate mushrooms). Nice job on your post about the chair. Love the "lessons learned". It does look soooo cute. I'll have to take some of your tips and see if I can figure out my dresser and the stamp/craft buffet.



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