Monday, July 25, 2011

Monthly Tiles

     I love vinyl. And I love tiles. And I love cute, little sayings. But, I am not a fan of overbearing tiles that take up a lot of storage room and that are a pain in the butt to change. My mom received tiles similar to these as a gift, and I thought they were amazing! And, I also knew that I could create some for myself, and they make perfect gifts. Designing them took some time, and there are still a few tweaks here and there to be made, but all in all, I love these tiles.

     They are simple to store, and simple to display. Plus, it gives a fun little change to look forward to each month. Especially months like August and September that don't really have a holiday to decorate for. I am in the process of designing more tiles, and who knows... maybe one day, I'll do a nice little giveaway. That is, if I get more followers and have some spare change lying around. But, if you would like to purchase the vinyl for these tiles, I would be more than happy to cut you some and send it your way. Of course you would have to do all the tile buying (It costs like 40 cents a tile at Home Depot) and you would have to do all the tile applying... but hey, I do most of the brunt work, and you get to reap the benefits. Just shoot me an e-mail if you're interested.

     Once again, I apologize for the lack of posts last week. I'm in my groove again, so look out! Just kidding.


  1. How much for 2 sets?!

  2. I was going to ask the same thing - SO cute! I love these and want some for my house! :)

  3. Post a price. I am interested in getting some!



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