Friday, July 1, 2011

Quicky Makeover

Over here at Portobello Road, we are not just about painting and crafting, we are about beautifying per our clients desire.  In this case my client is my favorite (only) sister.  She spotted this dresser, but had something against the pulls.  She said something about her childhood and how every dresser she ever had, had these Queen Anne style pulls. "Clink, clink", she shivered and said, "they have to go!" I warned her of the existing imprints and expense, this sucker has 12, count them 12 pulls!  So off I went to Lowes, which by the way I find has a much better selection of knobs/pulls...$50 dollars later, a little hole drilling and wha-la!  Very old dresser, very new look...

Something Old...

Something new :)

PS. Sister, please come get this out of my garage.  I need the space for my other fun projects!

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