Monday, July 18, 2011

Vinyl Plates

Hello again!
I can't believe the weekend is already gone!
We had a pretty low key weekend.
Every Saturday we go to Costco to just eat lunch.
We love their hot dogs, and we love feeding a family of 4 for $6.
Plus, it was pretty entertaining watching our almost 2 year old
(her birthday is a month from today!)
chow down on a whole hot dog.
She's such a little squirt, 
so she gave us a good laugh.

This weekend I also decided to spruce up my kitchen wall a bit. 
I've had a beautiful plate rack that's been in storage the past 5 years,
and I finally hung it up once we moved to Oergon.

Yes, it's been sitting empty like this for the past 6 weeks...
but while I was at WinCo, I saw some cute red plates for 88 cents each.
I knew they would match perfectly in my kitchen,
so I snatched up 4 of them.

I came home and cut some vinyl 
(which I got for free, thanks to my hubby's job...)
and I now have a cute wall hanging!

At first,
I didn't like it. It really bugged me that it wasn't symmetrical,
but it has now grown on me.
I love the fact that it's just a little off....

On a little side note...
I have been battling sugar ants for the past week.
At first they were containable,
but then they started showing up in crazy spots!
I am a fairly clean person,
but this has thrown me into Crazy C mode.
Crazy C mode is a term my husband came up with
for when I get completely obsessed about something.
I have carried around a bottle of bleach and will spray every ant I find.
After every meal I Clorox the counters, sweep and mop the floor and vacuum
under our kitchen table.
I hear ants hate cinnamon, so I've sprinkled that on our counters at night.
Well, this morning I was finished battling ants!
I went to our landlord and got some super super strong ant bait.
So I have to deal with them for another couple of days,
and hopefully they'll be gone.
But until then, I have no desire to cook.
Or bake.
I'm so sad because I had the best idea for the weekly cupcake...
So please understand if I don't post anything for a couple of days...

I feel so defeated!


  1. Love the plates! What a fun idea! I'm excited to see this new cupcake! When I went to post this comment there was a Terminix ad at the bottom of the screen with ants on a bagel...yuck!! Hope you are getting your ant problem fixed. Eww.



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