Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy New Year Tile

I have gotten a few orders for my monthly tiles...
It makes me sooo excited!
And in case you're new here, you can check the tiles out here.

I've completed the tile for January...

Ta Da!
I love it!
It's so fun and festive, I have it sitting out in my little apartment right now.

Now, if you would like to order a set,
here's some of the details...

Each set includes:
Precut vinyl for each month
Precut vinyl for a Happy Birthday tile
Transfer paper to make applying the vinyl easier

all for just $30! 
 Personally, I think that's a screaming deal.
I have researched vinyl prices,
and they are just waaaaay to expensive...
Now keep in mind,
you would have to drive to Home Depot or Lowe's
and by 6x6 in tiles, which are about 40 cents a piece.
(Don't quote me on that, though... That's how much they were when I bought them...)
or if you didn't like tile,
you could buy some wood, have it cut into 6x6 in pieces
and paint the wood to match the vinyl...
whatever your heart fancies!

These are such fun tiles, and I always get compliments on them
whenever someone comes into our home.

If you want a set, just shoot me an email at
And don't forget,
these would make a great gift for someone!

1 comment:

  1. The tiles all turned out SO cute! I'm wondering if I order some, how would you like the payment?



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