Friday, August 12, 2011

Ready for the Weekend!

     I cannot believe it's Friday already! This week has been soooo busy and has just flown by. Wish me luck because tomorrow my hubs and I have to go to the DMV (while dragging our children behind us...)  to get our Oregon driver's licenses and to register our car. I've had to study this week because I have to take a written test for my license. It's been over 10 years since I took driver's ed. I'm totally nervous. Did you know that in the state of Oregon...

1. If you are convicted of a DUI (don't worry, I don't ever have to worry about this one...)
    First Conviction: Mandatory suspension of your driving privilege for one year.
    Second Conviction: Mandatory suspension of your driving privilege for three years, if the offense has occurred        within 5 years of another DUI conviction.
    Third or Subsequent Conviction: Permanent revocation  of your driving privilege.

2. If you are either three months or $2,500 behind in child support payments, the Division of Child Support or a district attorney may ask DMV to suspend your driving privileges. (Shouldn't have a problem with this one, either...)

3. U turns are not allowed unless there is a sign posted allowing the U turn.

     So, wish me luck tomorrow!
    Moving on...
    For those of you who have ordered the monthly tiles... this post is for you! Thank you, thank you, thank you for ordering them! I shipped my first order off today and I was just beaming as I walked into the Post Office. I included instructions with the vinyl order, but I always have to have a visual for what things look like. So, I took some screen shots of the designs so when applying the vinyl to your tiles, you can use these screen shots as "guides". If there is a tile that has wording on top and a picture on bottom, feel free to switch them around, if you want to. I have also designed a couple of other tiles so that if any of you want to order in the future, you can have some options. I will keep designing more tiles, so keep your eyes peeled!
    Here are your "guides"...
     Here is the January tile as well as 2 February tiles.

 March, April, and May tiles.

 June, July, and August tiles

 September, October, and November tiles...

2 December tiles and the Happy Birthday tile.

      Have a great weekend! 

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