Monday, August 1, 2011

{Simple Solutions} - DIY Texture Book

Disclaimer: I did not make this texture book.
A nice lady gave it to my three year old,
and we absolutely love it!
I thought I would share it with you
so you could make one for your wee little ones.

It is a great quiet time book!
We take it in the car, to church, and even to the grocery store!

It is simply made up of white cardstock cut into square pages.
(Mine is about 4x4)
Simply glue whatever texture you want on it
(you could use the E6000 glue found at Michael's or any craft store)
and write the texture.
Don't forget to punch two holes in each page so you can fasten
everything with loose leaf ring binders, like the one below..
See? How easy is that? 
I think this texture book is a simple solution
to helping your children keep quiet for a minute or two.

Now, in the book we have, there are several textures
used over and over again.
There are several examples of ROUGH (like sandpaper and a Brillo pad),
the sky is really the limit.
It would be fun to go to Home Depot or fabric store 
and see what kind of different textures are out there.

Now go use your imagination! The sky's the limit!
Tee hee hee... I only say that because obviously I didn't have the imagination
to create something like this. :)

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