Thursday, August 25, 2011

{Simple Solutions} - Homemade Brown Sugar

     When my mother was teaching me how to follow a recipe, she taught me to always get all the ingredients out first. I haven't always followed that advice  (I know, I'm ashamed!) and sometimes I jump the gun and start making something and later discover (much to my chagrin) that I don't have all the listed ingredients on hand. So, what lessons have I learned from this? #1. Always listen to my mother. She is always right. #2. Google is a necessary tool in finding out what substitutions I can make.
     One thing that I run out of all the time is brown sugar. I always have plenty of granulated sugar and powdered sugar on hand, but I can never seem to keep brown sugar stocked in my pantry! Sheesh! That's when I discovered that I can make my own brown sugar. Yup. You heard me right. It's sooooo easy!
All you do is take 1 TBSP of Molasses and 1 cup of sugar.... 
  Pour the molasses in the sugar...
Mix in the molasses with a fork... I just kind of use a "mashing" technique. 
Impressive, I know.
As you can see here, I added some more molasses. I like a more pronounced flavor,
so I use more than what the recipe calls for. 
I also made 2 cups of brown sugar here because I was baking and ran out
and I knew I would be using almost a whole cup for my cupcakes...
(the cupcakes turned out to be a disaster... so there will be no weekly cupcake this week. I was totally bummed. I went and got a haircut to drown my sorrows._

And voila! You have some brown sugar you can be proud of!
I store mine in a canister, but you can also keep it in a plastic bag...
just make sure that air can't get to it, otherwise the brown sugar will dry out.


  1. That is so cool! Thanks for the awesome pointer! I always run out of brown sugar too, this will help a lot!

  2. Great idea!! I will definitely keep this in mind in case I run out of brown sugar!! Thanks for sharing this fantastic tip!



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