Thursday, October 27, 2011

Craft Kits!

     I love Papa Murphy's Pizza. Why? Because they actually make the pizza, and all I have to do is bake it and eat it. Simple and easy, right? Well, as I have ventured into the wonderful world of blogging and crafting,  I am discovering that people like to craft, but they just don't actually have the time or resources to go out and get all the "ingredients" for the craft...
So a friend and I have teamed up and would love to make a monthly craft kit for you! My friend, Christie, is the author of a great little blog named Portobello Road. She hosts a monthly craft group that I participate in, and the idea for our monthly craft kit kind of grew from our crafting group. Anywho, the kit comes with everything you need to put the craft together! However, there are some things we can't ship such as acrylic paints, hot glue, glue guns, etc., but everything else will be included. So basically we're like the Papa Murphy's of crafting! Ha!
We have decided to start things off slow and just offer one craft kit for November, 
but if things go well (and we hope that they do...), we will offer a couple of crafts for December. 
For our November kit, we are offering a magnetic recipe board.
This recipe board is awesome!
I made one for my kitchen and we decided to offer it as one of our Super Saturday crafts.
And let me tell you, everyone who made this board just loves it!
What I love is that it allows me to keep my recipes off the counter and out of my way while I'm cooking. 
Here are the dirty details...
There is a discount if you order more than one board. Yay!
Shipping is a flat rate whether you order 1 board or 3 boards. 
If you are an amazing human being and you order more than 3 boards, 
please contact us and we'll work out the shipping.
        Brown, Cream, or Black
Are you interested?
Email me at with questions.
Click below to purchase!
Also, if you have ideas, comments, suggestions, or just need a good rant,
I would love to hear from you!
This would be a really fun idea for a girls night out.
You order the kits, we do the prep, and you get to have fun!

Recipe Boards
Font, Color, & Embellishment

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