Friday, October 7, 2011

{Friday Feature} - Mary Kay Eye Primer

Want to know something funny?
I often lose track of what day it is, 
and so last weeks Friday Feature was posted on a Thursday.
Yeah... don't know if any of you caught that. 
Silly me.

But I was thorough in making sure that this week's Friday Feature 
was actually posted on a Friday.
I'm giving myself a little pat on the back as we speak. 

I wanted to feature a product I use daily. 
Seriously, I use it
Mary Kay's Eye Primer is the best.
I do not sell Mary Kay, nor am I getting paid to write this post,
I just want to spread the love on how much I love using eye primer.

You see, I have extremely oily skin (TMI???)
and my eye makeup used to always crease and smudge
and wipe off. 
It was a daily problem until I discovered the magic powers
of Mary Kay's Eye Primer.

It comes in a very small tube, but this little tube lasts me about a year and a half!
And that's with me using it every day!
You simply put the eye primer on before you put on your eyeshadow.
Here's my makeup routine:
1. Apply base/foundation (this is a must for me!)
2. Apply eye primer
3. Apply blush/bronzer
4. Apply eye shadow
5. Apply eye liner
6. Apply mascara

Yeah, it sounds like a lot, but it only takes me about 10 minutes or so.
I put on my blush after my eye primer so that it gives the eye primer a chance
to kind of settle and it's easier for me to put on my eye shadow.

Now, reasons why I love MK's Eye Primer:
1. A small amount goes a loooooong way.
2. It keeps my eye shadow from smudging, creasing, and wasting away.
3. I actually use less eye shadow because I don't have to reapply it in the afternoon... ever.
4. It makes my eye shadow color pop. The color is brighter and a lot more vivid than it is without the eye primer.

So here's what I suggest for you...
contact a MK Consultant and buy some!!!
(Don't know of a MK Consultant? Go to to find one...)
Or, if you are completely satisfied with having eye shadow that creases and smudges,
then don't contact a MK Consultant.
It's your choice. :) :)

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