Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Decor... For Cheap


   As I pulled out all 3 of my Halloween decorations, I was sadly disappointed that I didn't have more! I have tons of fall decor, but hardly any for Halloween specifically. Well.... I set out to change that! Since we are on a tight budget,  I knew that I had to be creative in how I decorated.

     As I have been slowly adding some more Halloween decor,  I started with my Halloween subway art (you can find it here).  I painted the frame black and then added the subway art. Easy, right?
     After that, I got my trusty apothecary jar that I found on clearance for about $3.00 and filled it with black licorice which was about $1.00 from Target. I then went to Michael's and found some purple, sparkly branches (I'm pretty sure I found it in the Christmas section) and stuck it in a clear vase. I then made tissue paper pom-poms using the tutorial found here. I had the tissue paper on hand, so they didn't cost me anything. I strung them with fishing line (yeah, I'm pretty sure my husband didn't plan on having his fishing line used to decorate our house... oh well.) and thumb tacked them onto the black shelf.
     I am pretty pleased with the end result. All in all, it cost me about $5.00, which is well within our budget. I am working on a tutorial for a Halloween wreath that only cost me $0.60 to make, so stay tuned!

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  1. Good job girl! I might just be stealing a few of these ideas. :) I miss seeing your cute face at the bank!



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