Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our winner! The old fashion way...

We could have picked our winner electronically.  But, we did it the old fashion way.  We wrote all of our entry names down on a piece of teeny tiny paper and drew out of a hat.  My brother officially drew the name.  Drum roll please....our winner is Tricia Lee McNabb.  This happens to make me very happy!  Not that I don't love all of our other new followers and FB friends/fans, because I certainly DO!  Thank you all for joining up here on Portobello Road.  We are happy to have you!!  And don't worry that was not that last of the free giveaways, that was only the first.

Tricia was our first follower here at the blog, she also happens to be a very old friend of mine.  Waaaaaay back to my sorority days.  Yes, I know its true, I was a sorority girl.  Alpha Phi and proud of it!  Tricia was my big sister and president before I was...good times.  She has been a true friend throughout the past 15 years I have known her.  She lives in Chicago now with her hubby Tony, little boy Auggie and two bull dogs.  Love her!  Congratulations Tricia!  Your little fabric pumpkins will be on the way to the windy city very soon.

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