Sunday, November 27, 2011

December Craft Night

It's right around the corner!  Craft night or shall I say day is December 10th from 12pm-4pm (if you wanted to come earlier let me know).  If I don't have your order already, please email me prior to December 2nd (this Friday)!
Here is what we have this time...

Xmas Card Wreaths - This is for organizing all of those fun and pretty Christmas Cards we get.  I will have scrapbook paper and paint that you can jazz up this look with.
Cost $12.00

Next up: Porch Snowmen (Just two snowmen, not three. Sorry ladies, it is quite a lot of work to prep these babies)
These little snowman will be similar to the porch pumpkins we made last month.   I will have everything you need to make the cutest snowmen on the block! (tallest one should be around 18" tall)
Cost $22.00

Last but not least...Tulle Christmas Trees
This very pretty trees make for great centerpieces or mantel decor.  It is a easy non sewing project.  A little needle and thread and I will teach you what to do!  These trees come in light green or cream, they are about 16-18 inches tall.  It also comes with a star ornament or bring your own broach or other piece of jewelry to finish the top.
Cost $ 15.00

Thank you and Happy crafting!


  1. Christie! Can I hot glue diamonds and rubies onto the tulle tree if I provide my own? I want sparkly. :)

  2. I want a tulle tree! I can't decide which color, I'll let you know soon.



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