Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Wreath

I love Christmas!
And I dislike the saying, "Happy Holidays",
just so you know!

One of the gifts I am giving this year is a Christmas wreath.
I'm giving it to my lovely mother, who is coming up to my place for the holidays.
Actually, my whole family is coming, and my brothers are bringing a couple of their friends
who don't have anyone else to celebrate Christmas with.
There will be 11 people crammed into our little apartment,
but I am welcoming everyone with open arms!
(Just so you know, it gets a little lonely without any family nearby...)

Now, back to the Christmas wreath...
My mom came up for Halloween,
and she saw my fall wreath, and loved it!
She told me she didn't have a Christmas wreath,
so I knew she had to have one!
Not only did I make one for her, but I made one for myself, as well.

I just love it!!
Don't you?
I used cream Vanna White yarn to wrap around a styrofoam wreath.
Up until a couple of months ago, 
I had no clue that Vanna White had her own yarn collection!
But I loved working with it.
My fall wreath is wrapped with a cheap yarn,
and I can totally tell the difference.
If you're going to make your own yarn wreath, spend the extra $2.00 and go with Vanna's yarn.
Trust me on this one.

I also used burgandy felt, light green felt, and some pearl embellishments I had lying around...
I found a great tutorial for the wreath wrapping and poinsettia here.
For the pom poms, you can find the tutorial here,
and for the roses, you can find the tutorial here.

See, isn't that easy?
I hope my mom likes it...

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