Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Handmade Ornament Exchange

This past weekend I was able to get together with some of my girlfriends,
and we all exchanged homemade ornaments.
My ornament was the twine star that you all voted on,
and I loved how they turned out!

I made 13 for the exchange, and I have about 7 more to make for some family and friends.

It was a lot of fun to participate in this little exchange, 
and I was extremely excited to see what my friends ornaments looked like.
We met at the lovely hostess' house around 7 p.m.,
and we snacked on some yummy appetizers.

We put our ornaments on a piece of paper that had our name on it,
and when the night was finished,
we went around the room and picked up an ornament from each person.
I loved seeing how creative these ladies were,
and how their individual style came out in their ornament.

The top ornament was a felt wreath with little jingle bells on it.
Next to that one was a little bird that's perched on some twigs.
On the second row, there is a clear ornament with some colorful sequins on the inside.
Next to that is a felt pinecone and then there's a cinnamon star (it smells sooo good!)
followed by a silvery glitter ornament.
On the third row, the ornament is coated with some glitter and wrapped with a ribbon that says, 
"Merry Christmas" and has a burgandy paper filling. Next to it is a snowflake ornament made from flour, water, and some other things (I can't remember what she told me...). Next to the snowflake is a little snowman made from beads that is strung with wire and has a little piece of fabric for a scarf.
Then there is the gold glitter pinecone made from my good friend over at Portobello Road.
The ornament on the 4th row is made from a satin material covering a plastic ornament and embellished with a ribbon. Next to that is a lovely little clay bird (amazing, right?) followed by a little crocheted snowflake. Then I took a picture of the bag the hostess made for each one of us to take our ornaments home in.

If you're still looking for some neighbor gifts, these ornaments are excellent ideas for inexpensive, homemade gifts. 

I had a lot of fun making all my ornaments,
and I would love to do it again next year!
What are some things you do with your friends and/or family to make the holiday season special?

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  1. I love the felt pinecone. I might have to try that one.



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