Monday, December 5, 2011

{Neighbor Gift} - Washcloth Idea

Good morning my dear friends!
It is sunny and cold here in the Great Northwest,
but I love it!

For Thanksgiving, my family was able to go to my aunt and uncle's house,
and while we were there, my aunt loaded me up with crafts!
She loves to sew and craft, 
and she gave me a couple of things that I thought would make great neighbor gifts.

This little washcloth is simply one that she found at the Dollar Store,
but she sewed a little green scrubber in one of the corners.

When I saw this, I was just speechless.
Literally, my jaw dropped, and I just couldn't stop thinking,
"Why didn't I ever think of this?"
Such a simple idea, inexpensive to make, 
but yet it's something that I would use daily!

What a perfect gift idea! It would literally take about $0.75 to make one,
(the washcloths come in a two-pack at the Dollar Store)
and you know it's a gift that isn't going to be put on the shelf.
It'll be a gift that will be used every day.

There's even a cute little saying that goes with it
"I'm a little dishrag,
As you can plainly see.
Look in my corner, and 
you'll see my specialty.
There is a little Scrubby
in a special kind of shape
to help you get the leftovers
off your dinner plate!"



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