Sunday, January 22, 2012

Craft Day-January

Every month or so around here (in Portland), we have a craft day or night!  The ladies LOVE craft day!  Some of them crafters, most of them are not.  Which is why craft day is such a treat.  I try to make it as easy as possible by making craft kits ready to go.  All supplies are included and the craft is meant to be finished in the few hours allotted.  No projects are left unfinished!
This month was hosted by a good friend of mine.  It was so nice to just go to her house and all I had to worry about was the crafts...which for this month were some of my favorite!  It's that lovey dovey time of year, so we just had to make some Valentines Day crafts.  And there was glitter involved, what is better than glitter!!! 

Here is our version of a glitter heart Valentines Day wreath...

First you get these lovely little hearts and paint the sides if you want.  I left mine undone, but here are some that were painted.
Then the fun part, you pick your scrapbook paper!  Trace your hearts on the paper, and cut the paper hearts out.  Mod Podge the paper onto the wood heart.  Then paint some regular craft glue onto the paper.  Immediately sprinkle iridescent glitter onto the heart.  When dry, tap the heart to release any loose glitter.  We then sealed it with Glitter Blast.  This stuff is for real, it's awesome.  I don't know how but it makes that glitter stay no matter what!

Then you get these fabulous MDF wreaths (we used 12").  First make a loop, bow optional with your ribbon.  Hot glue to the wreath to hold it in place and then hot glue the hearts to it.
Aren't they cute and doesn't she look so happy!!  Yay for craft day!


  1. This wreath is adorable! Loved it so much, I wanted to let you know I featured it today as the latest find for Valentines wreaths! The Latest Find is a brand new site that focuses on finding the current latest and greatest in crafting, recipes, and DIY tutorials! =) I also added your button to "Our Favorites"! Very cute, great job!!

  2. This is absolutely Adorable!! Hoping you can link it up at my turquoise lovin' party!!



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