Thursday, January 26, 2012

Teal and Mustard Yellow Yarn Wreath

This week, I have been working on some custom yarn wreath orders.
Among one of my favorites was a wreath I made for one of my husbands co-workers.
She wanted to have a beige yarn, with teal and light orange roses.
For some reason, I couldn't visualize the end product.
I took a friend of mine to the craft store and we matched and compared every single color
of teal, aqua, light blue, orange, light orange, and beige yarn there was...
After a few minutes of searching
(which felt like a few hours because we had all of our kids with us)
we decided on a teal felt...
but we just couldn't find the right shade of orange.

Did you know that they don't really make a lot of orange felt?
Finding a shade other than bright orange is nearly impossible to find...
so we settle on a mustard yellow felt.

We decided to add some accent colors with olive green and chocolate brown felt.

I bought all the supplies, came home, and started wrapping the wreath.
When I wrap my wreaths, I love using Vanna White yarn.
I think I've mentioned this before,
but I'm going to talk about her yarn some more...
It is so soft and smooth, and just gives a nice satin looking finish to the wreath.
I will never use cheap yarn to wrap my wreaths.
I just don't like the way it looks...

So, I wrapped my wreath while watching the results of the South Carolina Presidential Primaries...
yes, I know, I lead a devestatingly exciting life...

After the wreath was wrapped, I made all the little felt flowers,
and even made a new kind of flower.

And I have to be honest,
I was pleasantly surprised with the end result!
I stepped back, looked at it, and thought, 
"Sheesh... that is one good looking wreath. I'm so proud!"

I normally don't say that when I'm done making something...
it's just that I had the darndest time figuring out how this wreath was going to come together.

So, what's the moral of today's exciting story?
Just go for it. Even if you can't see what the end result is going to be,
and even if you find yourself questioning and doubting...
just go for it.
You may be pleasantly surprised!

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