Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{Tutorial) - How To Make Cake Balls

I love me some cake balls.
Yes I do.
They are a fun little treat, and in my opinion, way better than cake.
I am in no way a cake ball expert....
I have made tons of batches, 
and some of them didn't quite turn out.
But that's how I learn best, from trial and error.

While I was down in Utah a couple of months ago,
I found an amazing cake ball book that has tons and tons of easy cake ball recipes.
I bought the book, and have since then, vamped up my cake-ball-making skills.
This book is seriously one of the most coveted books I own!
It explains how to make cake balls in an easy way, and has tons of fantastic recipes such as
Churro Cake Balls, French Toast Cake Balls, and New York Cheesecake Cake Balls.
This book has come in handy and has been my life saver!

Now, onto my cake ball tutorial...
I have a certain process that I use, and it may or may not work for you,
but go ahead and give it a try.
I am warning you...
This is a long post, and there are a ton of pictures,
but I hope it will all make sense!

Supplies Needed...
1 boxed cake mix (and all the ingredients needed to make the cake)
1 can of frosting
Melting chocolates (I use Wilton. You can get them at Michael's or Joanne's)
Large mixing bowl
A couple of spoons
Wax Paper
Cookie Sheet
Mini Ice Cream Scooper

Step 1...Baking the Cake
Bake a boxed cake according to package instructions.
Let the cake completely cool down.
Yes, Step 1 is that easy!
 I usually bake the cake the night before I want the cake balls done.
That way, I'm not waiting all day for the cake to cool down.
It will cool down while I sleep!

Step 2...Crumbling the Cake
Section your cake off.

Take each section and set it in your large mixing bowl.

This is what your pan will look like after a couple of sections are taken out...

Crumble each section with a fork until the cake is in small crumbs.
It's easier if you completely crumble the section before adding a new one,
trust me on this one....

 Step 3...Mixing in the Frosting
After your cake is completely crumbled,
you will want to mix in your frosting.
You will usually use around 3/4 can of frosting, 
but I would start with 1/2 can because you can always add more.
You don't want to add too much frosting, 
or the cake mixture will be really hard to roll into balls.
It'll be too sticky and won't hold it's shape very well...
Yes, I am speaking from experience!

Once the frosting is thoroughly mixed into the cake crumbs,
your mixture should be moist and somewhat firm.
If your mixture is too dry, it'll just crumble when you try to roll it in a ball.
If your mixture is too moist, it'll stick to your hands when you try and roll it into a ball.
Once you have incorporated all of that delicious frosting into the cake,
you will need to refrigerate the mixture for about 2 hours.
This will make it easier to roll into cake balls.

Step 4.... Rolling into Cake Balls
Once your mixture has been in the fridge for a couple of hours,
you are ready to start rolling into cake balls!
Place a sheet of wax paper on top of the cookie sheet.
Next, grab your mini ice cream scooper and scoop out some of the mixture.
I usually place several scoops of mixture onto the wax paper and then roll it into balls,
but you can scoop and roll, scoop and roll, if you prefer.
I also don't fill the scooper up entirely, but that's my preference.
If you don't have a mini ice cream scooper, don't worry!
 I just like it because it makes each cake ball the same size.
 Just grab a piece of the mixture and roll it into a ball.
Once you are done rolling them into balls,
insert a toothpick in each one.
The toothpick will help in the dipping process.
Now, you will want to place the cake balls in the freezer for another couple of hours.
This is important because it will allow you to dip each cake ball
 without having it fall apart in the hot melting chocolate.

Step 5... Dipping the Cake Balls
The picture below is how I set up my "dipping station".
I have a double boiler set up on the stove.
This is used to melt the chocolate. 
If you haven't ever used the double boiler method,
click here for an excellent tutorial.
You will also notice that I have my shortening and extra spoon on the counter,
along with the melting chocolate and another sheet of wax paper.

Here is just another view of my "dipping station".
I keep a small spoon in the shortening and have another spoon to help me dip the cake balls
and to stir the chocolate.

Once your double boiler is warm (I always keep mine on low...)
you can put in some melting chocolates and add a spoonful of shortening.
I have found that adding just a bit of shortening will keep your chocolate
from cracking once it's cooled down on the cake balls. 
The shortening will also help thin out the chocolate so that it's easier
to dip.
Melt the chocolate and the shortening completely.

Now, I don't have a picture of how to actually dip the cake balls,
because I was using both hands to dip them. :)
So, here's how I dip the cake balls.
First, take about 10-15 frozen cake balls out of the freezer and place them on wax paper 
near the double boiler. Keep the remainder of the cake balls frozen so that they don't warm up
and crumble in the melting chocolate.
Take a cake ball and insert it into the melting chocolate, holding onto the toothpick.
Next, take your spoon, and quickly spoon the melted chocolate all over the cake ball.
I am right handed, so I will hold onto the toothpick with my left hand,
and spoon the chocolate over the cake ball using my right hand.

After you are done covering the cake ball with chocolate,
you will want to gently tap of the excess chocolate.
I do this by twisting the toothpick between by thumb and forefinger,
which shakes off the excess chocolate.
Once you are done with that,
go ahead and place the cake ball at the other end of the wax paper.

Place some more melting chocolate and shortening in the double boiler.
While that it is melting, get out some more cake balls. 
Now, you're ready to dip some more!

Once the cake balls have all cooled off,
go ahead and take out the toothpicks. 
I usually twist them a little to loosen them from them hardened chocolate 
and then I pull them out.
Don't worry if the chocolate cracks... this has happened to me plenty of times.
Just make sure that you cover that crack up when you drizzle chocolate over the cake balls.

There are several methods in which to drizzle chocolate...
I used to use the Ziplock Baggie method... you know,
pour the hot, melted chocolate into a baggie and snip a corner off...
well, that pretty much burned my hand and I just didn't like it.
That's when my friend told me about using bottles to drizzle the chocolate.
I went to Michael's, went to the candy aisle, and found the chocolate drizzling bottle.
It was the best $3.99 I've ever spent!

You can drizzle another color of chocolate on top of your cake balls,
but that would requiring melting a whole other batch of chocolate,
and since I am lazy sometimes, I just usually use the same color of chocolate.
When I drizzle, I always make sure to cover the toothpick holes and any cracks that have occurred.
I have also tried making some cool designs, but I usually just stick with drizzling...

And now, you are ready to enjoy some scrumptious cake balls!!

Here are some fun cake ball combinations...
  • *Red Velvet Cake/Cream Cheese Frosting and dipped in white chocolate coating
  • *Strawberry Supreme Cake/Strawberries and Cream Frosting - Dipped in Chocolate Coating
  • *White Cake/Mint Chocolate Chip Frosting - Dipped in Chocolate Coating
  • *Caramel Cake/Chocolate Mocha Frosting - Dipped in Chocolate Coating
  • *White Cake/Wild Cherry Vanilla Frosting - Dipped in Dark Chocolate Coating
  • *Dark Chocolate Cake/Cream Cheese Frosting - Dipped in White Chocolate Coating
  • *Spice Cake/Cream Cheese Frosting - Dipped in White Chocolate Coating
  • *Lemon Cake/Lemon Frosting - Dipped in White Chocolate Coating
  • *Confetti Cake/Vanilla Frosting - Dipped in White Chocolate Coating

Now go amaze all of your friends with your amazing cake-ball-making skills!
Happy Baking,


  1. I LOVE CAKE BALLS TOO!!!! So much!!!! Cupcake bites are really super easy to do as well. Just use a mold that looks like a peanut butter cup not the bottom fill about 2/3 of the way (that is a guess) then put your cake balls in the molds and put them in the freezer for 10 minutes or so then get a different color of candy melts and melt them. Take your cake balls out of the freezer pop them out of their molds and dip the tops -they look like teeny cupcakes, you can put sprinkles on them or whatever. They are delish and fun! :) You probably already knew all this stuff but just in case you didn't here you go! :)

  2. You are so impressive!! I want to be your neighbor so I can eat all your yummy treats!



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