Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quiet Book Group--Page 1

Recently some friends of mine and I came up with the idea to start a Quiet Book Group.  When you look at quiet books online or on Pinterest, they can be so overwhelming.  So we got about 15 friends together and started a group, kind of like book club or like my craft nights.  It is designed that we do one page a month.  The group leaders come up with the page designs, although suggestions from the group are always welcome.  We also bought the supplies and put the page kits together. Then the girls come over with some yummy goodies and we all create one page that night.   Easy peasy!  The plus side is it's not overwhelming to do one page a month. The down side is they are usually so cute that you want to use it right away.  And so in however many months, our group decided on one year, you will have a finished quiet book!
This was a first page, and it was an enormous success!  Anyone up for a little game of Tic-Tac-Toe?

So you can see what was sewed on.  Really just the Velcro in this case.

You can see here that each X and O has a double layer of white felt for the base.

We assembled most of it with fabric glue.  But some was sewed on for better securing.  If you are interested in the pattern, just comment below and if there is enough interest I will post it. 

Items needed for this page:
(1) sheet of turquoise felt
(1) sheet of red felt
(1) sheet of white felt
Pattern or a good eye to just copy what you see here. 
Sewing machine (white or red thread)
Fabric glue

Stay tuned for more cute quiet book pages here!


  1. Every mom needs a few moments of quiet, right? Great addition to any quiet book. I am blog hopping today (I am your newest, quietest follower). I would love for you to pop over and follow me back (pretty please with sugar on top).

    Amy @

  2. Thanks Amy! Your blog has some great ideas. Looking forward to Linky-ing up and looking around some more.

  3. This is one of the best tic tac toe pages I've seen. Did you post an official pattern?

  4. Cute, playable page. did you post the pattern?

  5. love this page~!! Did you post the pattern? I would love it! Thank you!



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