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Like most people, I like to pick a word to focus on throughout the year. Why just one word? Because it's simple, and it can apply do various situations throughout the year. Last year, my word was "Faith". My husband graduated with his Master's in Accounting last May,  and about 6 weeks away from graduation, he still didn't have a job. It was a really hard time for us because he had just gone through 6 years of schooling,
not to mention the cost of tuition for graduate school, and we had no source of income. I take that back... we had a small source of income since I was working part-time. If he didn't have a job by graduation, we would move in with my parents, I would work full-time, and he would find some job to get us by until he found an accounting job. My faith waivered a great deal. I was a bundle of nerves! But I decided that I would increase my faith, and through a lot of prayer and study, I felt the assurance that God loved me and there was a plan for my little family. To help remind me to have faith, I cut a out little vinyl decal and plastered to the wall of our tiny, 600 square foot student apartment. I put it where I could see it often... right outside the bathroom!
A short time after I had a change in attitude, my husband got a job offer out of state. The job offer was completely out of the blue, and was honestly one of the most bizarre interviews my husband had ever had! We gladly accepted the offer, and the day after my husband graduated, he moved up here to Portland, Oregon. I stayed behind packing and finished working, and a month later I joined him!
 I am so grateful to be up here... I have met absolutely fantastic people, including Christie, the master-mind behind this little blog.

After having "faith" as my little word for 2011, I decided that my word for 2012 would be "Cheer".
I can sometimes be gloomy and doomy, and I need to have more cheer in my life.
Why cheer? Because I am so blessed. Whenever I'm feeling a little bummed, I try to count my blessings, and I perk right up because I really do have a lot to be cheerful about.

Instead of just making a vinyl decal to slap onto my wall, I decided to redo a sign that I had hanging in my bedroom. I scored this little beauty about 5 years ago at a craft fair. It cost me a whopping $2. 

I have loved looking at it every day, but sadly, it was damaged when we moved. :( Boo!

But never fear! Remember how I like to give things new life? I decided to peel off the letters (they were vinyl) and repaint it a burnt orange to match some new bedding I got a few months ago. Before I painted it, I stuck some push pins in the corners so I wouldn't have to lay it on icky newspaper while it was drying. I hate   having to lay all my freshly painted projects on newspaper! No matter how careful I am, the newspaper always sticks to the back of my project. Argh! Well thanks to Pinterest, I found the little push pin trick, and it worked awesomely!

After I painted it orange, I cut out a brown vinyl decal using my trusty Silhouette.
(My life has changed for the better since I bought that little machine!)

And then I designed the wording, and cut it out of cream vinyl.

Now, I have a wonderful reminder to "Be of good cheer"! And, it cost me absolutely nothing to make my new sign, which I can be really cheerful about!
Do any of you have themes or words that you like to focus on during the year?
If you do, we would love to hear about them!

Happy Crafting!
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  1. This is gorgeous!! Great word to have for this year!! I hope to see you at my party :)

  2. Love this! Loved it before AND after :) Thanks for sharing on Pin Cushion Creations. :)



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