Friday, March 16, 2012

February Quiet Book - Page 2

First things first!  Let's wrap up this giveaway were doing, shall we?
The winnner of the State Art themed giveaway is......

 Kim Mercer!

Congratulations Kim!
Please email us at info [at] popsandpodge [dot] com to claim your cutting board.   
And if you did not win, don't fret, we will have another giveaway in a few short weeks!

For our Quiet Book group last month (page 2, to see page 1 go here), we decided to do a fishing theme!
Christie and I loved making this little page.
Our amazing friend, Jessica, came up with the template 
and then traced all the little fishes and boats for our group of 12-14 girls.

Here is the material list:
Pattern (click here to print pattern)
Paper clips (one for each fish)
Felt (look on the template below for the exact amount and colors)
4 to 5 inch dowel
8 to 10 inch string
Fabric glue, hot glue or sewing maching
(I sewed alot of mine, but most girls just glued)

Cutting out the shapes was fairly simple,
compared to January's Tic Tac Toe page...
don't get me wrong, the Tic Tac Toe page was absolutely adorable,
but it was pretty darn detailed, and it took forever to cut!
This little fishy page only took about 10 minutes to cut out,
but there were some tricky parts to it.

Tricky part #1: We had to glue the paper clips inside the fishies first.
There is a little magnet inside the silver hook that will "hook" the fish.
Tricky part #2: The waves...
Each wave was glued on separately, and only glued around the edges 
so that the waves formed little pockets to put the fishes in. Please note the pattern is only for the top edge of the wave, you must cut it at least 2-4 inches longer per the picture. The lighter blue goes all the way down, the darker can be shorter and played with, I actually cut mine off at an angle for a different look at the bottom.
Tricky part #3: The little boat.
We only glued the sides of the boat, so that the bottom has a little hole for the rod to go through.
Tricky part #4: Putting the magnet inside the hook.
That part was just a little bit tricky because the magnet was slightly larger than we had planned on.
Oh, and if you want to do this page, make sure you get a super strong magnet!

All in all, those little tricky parts paid off (but if you have any questions, let us know)!
This is such a fun little page, and I can't wait to finish this month's page...
Stay tuned for what it is!

Happy Crafting,
Claudia & Christie


  1. This is absolutely adorable! I found your blog through the blog hop at Live.Laugh.Rowe. -- so glad I did! I would love for you to link some of your projects up at our link party going on now!

  2. Wow these are awesome. I just made the pirate ship. Only took an hour and a half AND I was multi-tasking!!! Thank you so much for you ideas!! I was going to buy a book as I am really strapped for time, but decided I was too cheap to spend the money so I am making one myself and this is my first page and it was so much fun!!

  3. It is incredibly beautiful! When my daughter was little I used to have one. A good idea would be to create a sweater with buttons: kids will learn how to use them. Another picture was to pick up apples from a tree and put them into a basket.

  4. Hello! Could I just ask what marker was used to do the tracing? I'm having a hard time getting the designs traced onto my felt :( thanks in advance!

    1. Hello! We used just a Sharpie. It went on kind of funny and made the felt a little fuzzy, but it was all we had and got the job done. We just always cut on the inside of the marker line.