Thursday, March 29, 2012

Healthy Spring Dip

If you have not noticed, Claudia and I have a new weekly topic every Wednesday called Healthy Hump Day.  She has been running the show, since I am 30 weeks pregnant and really not motivated AT ALL to be healthy.  Even though this is really the time I should be my healthiest, especially since I almost failed my glucose test yesterday.  And since I make big babies, my last baby boy was a 10 and a half pounder. I am just crossing my fingers that this little girl will be smaller...right?  But I have this problem... I like to throw parties and bake all of those cakes, cupcakes and cake balls we have on this site.  Someone has to test if they are good or not and I am more than happy to volunteer for that position.  But for today, in honor of Claudia and trying to eat smarter for this baby, I decided to think really hard and come up with something a little healthier for a spring party or an Easter Brunch Menu.  I found a version of this in the Food Networking Magazine.  Although, I have to say mine is just a wee bit cuter :)  Polka dots make everything cuter.

For this project you will need:
(1) Clay Pot
(1) Clay bottom (I bought one it 1 to 2 sizes bigger than the pot I bought so I could put pita chips around the base of the pot)
Spray Paint (I used Krylon Satin-Jade)
Paint (White Acrylic)
Something to make dots with (I used a small round stencil foam brush/blotter)

See that base for the pot is much larger to fit any sort of goodies in!  Here is a picture after I spray painted and put my dots on...

For party day, you will need a large container of hummus. Organic carrots or any carrots with the tops still on.  And some pita chips.  I suppose you could use a container for any dip really, guacamole or spinach dip, skies the limit!  I just put some paper in the bottom so I did not have to fill the whole thing up. Then I put a gallon sized bag in the pot and filled it up an inch below the edge. Using scissors I cut teh bag off along the edge of the pot.  When you put your carrots in, the dip will rise, so don't cut all the way down to the edge of the dip.

See those pretty and good for you ORGANIC carrots.  That is what real carrots look like fresh from the ground... even though most of us eat those easy snacking little ones. Yum!  (P.S. I had to cut my carrots in half to fit in the pot, but you can just put the ends in the base with the chips, in case someone does not like the dip)

And wha-la, a cute easy and fun spring dip.  Great for any Easter Brunch or party this season!

Happy Easter,



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