Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shamrock Love

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Now, on to today's post...

One of my favorite things to do is go to DI or Goodwill, or some thrift store
and look for things that I can spruce up a little.
When I need a little decor for an upcoming holiday,
or if I need to make a gift for someone,
I usually turn to my local thrift store.
Because it's the cheapest place you can find wood.
I love finding frames or signs that I can re-do...
and as long as the structure is good,
you can pretty much do anything you want to it!

Such is the case with this beauty...

When I found it, I knew this frame was a winner!
Sure, it may be a little dusty and has a purple flower in the middle that I don't particularly love,
but I loved the rustic feel of the distressed wood,
and the purple flower could easily be covered up.
It was solid, in fairly good shape, and for $2.99, I figured I could give it a little TLC.

I quickly snatched it up, and brought it home...
and it has sat in the bottom of my closet for the past 2 months.
I didn't quite have a vision for it, so I just left it alone....

Well, that glorious vision of how to restore that frame came to me
when I was putting up my St. Patrick's Day decor.
And by decor, I mean all 3 items that I have for St. Patty's Day.

 After I saw how to make a shamrock out of felt on Pinterest
I knew what I wanted to do with that little old frame sitting in the bottom of my closet.

 I gathered up my supplies (some felt, scissors, needle and thread) and set out to work.
I made a shamrock using this  tutorial! I decided to make a couple of modifications after some failed shamrocks...
so I ended up cutting out 4 hearts and then gathering the bottoms with my needle and thread...
It was pretty darn easy, and I did it while my girls were eating their lunch.
Yes... it was that easy!

I cleaned up the filthy glass, and then
I then added some E6000 glue (I <3 that stuff!) to the glass,
and stuck that shamrock over the hideous purple flower
 (no offense if you liked the flower... I just wasn't diggn' it!)
and then stuck a button in the middle.

Ta Da!
A simple St. Patty's Day decoration that took me all of 7 minutes to make.
That's how I like it!

Lesson learned: Goodwill, DI, Salvation Army, and even garage sales
are fantastic places to find cheap things to re-purpose.
You just have to have a little patience, and open your mind to some creative possibilities!

Happy Goodwilling!

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