Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{Simple Solutions} - A Variety

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Here at Pops and Podge, we like it when we find simple solutions to life's everyday adventures.
That's why I was so excited when my cute mom sent me a calendar that had a little tip or trick
for every day of the year. 
(Thanks Mom!)
I look forward to turning the little pages and seeing what's next in this fun little calendar.
Plus, it helps me to know what day it is...
(Yes, I easily forget what day it is... sometimes my days just blend in together!)

Since I have learned many new things from this little calendar, 
I thought I would share some of my favorites with you!

{Mini Meatloaf}
If you love meatloaf, but the recipe is too large for your little family,
make meatloaf muffins instead! Fill greased muffin cups with meatloaf mixture and bake for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees. 

{Pasta Remedy}
Having pasta for dinner? Keep the pot from boiling over by simply putting a wooden spoon over the pot.
Sheesh, I sure could have used this tip a few times!!!

{Easy Wine Substitute}
For those of you who don't drink wine (like myself), it's good to know that
broth is an easy substitute for wine in recipes.
Use beef broth for red wine and chicken broth for white wine.
Now I can make some delicious French Onion Soup I've been craving!

{Easy Microwave Cleaner}
To freshen up a microwave oven (and heaven knows mine needs some freshening up!),
pour a tablespoon of lemon juice into a mug of water. Heat on high setting until boiling and let it stand for a few minutes with the door closed, them just wipe clean... no scrubbing involved! Shaweet!

{Evaporated Milk}
Keep cans of evaporated milk (or evaporated skim milk if you're watching the waistline) in the cupboard to use in soups or gravies that call for regular milk... it's extra creamy and doesn't need any refrigeration!

Happy Solutioning!!

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