Friday, April 27, 2012

Candied Orange Slices

This week I am on a mission to make a certain type of cake (to be revealed later).  In my head this cake has round jelly orange slices all around it.  Key words, "in my head".   I went to WinCo, Dollar Tree, and Rite Aid on my search for these jelly slices I pictured in my head.  Then unwillingly, I went to the mall (keep in mind I am 8 months pregnant, so the mall for once did not sound fun to me) to check the very expensive candy store.  They had them...almost.  Apparently the orange slices I pictured only come in half slices... not full round slices.  Like this...
Unexceptable!  I wanted a round shape not half moon.  So I decided to make real candied orange slices with the half bag of Cuties I had in my pantry. 

I used about 8 to 10 Cuties.  You can do this with 2-3 regular sized oranges too.  I washed them in warm water and scrubbed them clean. Then I took a very sharp knife and cut the oranges in three slices about 1/4".  I got about three slices per Cutie.  Set aside.

In a large heavy skillet, bring 2 cups of water, 1 cup of sugar and 2 Tablespoons of light corn syrup to a boil.  Then add orange slices.  Let boil for 8-10 minutes turning each slice a few times.  Then turn down to medium and let cook for 40 minutes.  Turning occasionally.  Reduce heat and let simmer until the liquid becomes more of a syrup and the oranges start to turn translucent.  Remove from heat, but let oranges cool in the pan for about 5 minutes.

Then take them and lay them on a wire rack for another 5 minutes to let the juices drain off.  You could stop here.  You could even melt and dip them in some delicious chocolate.

But I wanted them to look a little more like the sugared jelly orange slices, but round.  So I took a 1/2 cup of sugar and dipped the oranges in the sugar, both sides.  Much better!   This is the look I was going for...

Cake coming soon!

Happy Cooking,


  1. Yum--I can't wait to see what your final dessert is!

  2. I made these today, Oh my word. Yummo!



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