Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Egg String Art and our Giveaway Winner!!!

Happy Easter Weekend!  And happy free stuff to...

 Jessica Bills

Jessica, you have won our "I spy" free giveaway!  Please contact us at info (at) popsandpodge (dot) com  to arrange receiving your awesome jewelry holder!!  And thank you to Craven' Style for sponsoring this giveaway.  You make really beautiful jewelry holders.   Everyone should visit Steph and check out her talent!

We have one last little Easter arts and crafts for you today.  An Easter Egg String Art.  Remember this post?  String art is all the rage right now.  And I wanted to try this method on my own.  It was pretty easy and I love the way it turned out!

Here is what you need:
A hammer
A piece of wood (mine was leftover from another project) size 8x12
Painters tape
Nails (I used little gold ones)
Embroidery thread (I used one and a half bundles)
and a template print out of what you want to make

 First I painted my wood.  I probably should have distressed it first too, but I left it alone on this project.  Feel free to distress away.  Next you lay your picture on your board and tape it in place.  You should use painters tape if you painted your board.  Then take a nail and press into the board along the outside line every half inch or so.  I eyeballed it, but you could actually measure if you wish.
  I tried to use another method of tracing the outside of the picture with a ballpoint pen, but that will only look good if you are painting inside or outside the line later, otherwise you see it.  I like tapping the nail method, then you know exactly where to nail them in when you are ready, like this...
 Then get your thread and start looping your string, just tie a knot on the first nail. Just loop in and out from edge to middle, I went to the next nail on the inside heart only. And you may have to double triple up some of the inside nails.  To end, tie a knot.  Easy, took me a few hours of interrupted time.  Cause isn't that how life is :)

Happy Easter,

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