Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chocolate Bowls {Dot. Dot. Dot}

     I have been contemplating whether or not I should post about my recent chocolate bowl making adventure. And yes, I say adventure, because it certainly was one! Why would I not want to post about it, then? Well.... because it certainly didn't turn out the way I had envisioned it. I'm sure we've all had those projects. You know, the projects where you're all gung-ho about it, and half-way in you think to yourself, "What did I get myself into?" Oh boy, I certainly hope I'm not the only one who's ever thought that... hee, hee, hee.
     So this post is not another tutorial... it's not a recipe... it's not even going to give you any sort of knowledge worth knowing... except for the fact that sometimes projects don't go well. Even for bloggers in blogland. Whenever I look at other blogs, I sometimes get discouraged because everything the do turns out simply amazing, and all their pictures are amazing, and they're amazing.... yadda, yadda, yadda. That's why I really loved this post by I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar. It showed some of her bloopers while blogging, and it made me feel a lot better to know that someone as amazing and darling as Cheri had bloopers once in awhile. :)
     So, onto these chocolate bowls that gave me so much guff. I first saw the idea on Pinterest.

 Aren't they scrumptious? Well, I pinned it to my board, not knowing when I was going to ever have the excuse to make these bowls. Well, the opportunity came a little while later. Christie, my lovely friend and co-blogger, planned an amazing (I've been using that word a lot, haven't I? Oh well.) group date. She planned an Amazing Race Dinner Date for about 8 couples. We all brought food to share, and she asked me to make the chocolate bowls. I was so excited!! Yippee! I just knew that these bowls would be a piece of cake, and they would be a hit at our dinner date! Christie brought over the supplies (some melting chocolate and water ballons) and I started to do some research on how to make them. Basically all I needed to do was blow up some balloons, melt some chocolate, dip the balloons in the melted chocolate, put them on some wax paper to dry, and then pop the balloons, and all would be well.
     The tutorial made it sound like they were a piece of cake, but when I started reading people's comments, I knew they would be a little trickier than planned. I'm glad I did some homework, because here's a couple of things that weren't mentioned in the tutorial:
     1. You must let the chocolate cool down before you dip the water balloons in it. If you don't, the balloons will explode.
     2. You must spray the balloons with cooking spray before dipping them so that when you pop the balloons, the balloons won't stick to the dried chocolate.

     Easy enough, right?
     So, I blew up the water balloons... it was harder than I excpected!

     By the time I blew up 20 water balloons, I was pretty much black and blue in the face. It was hard work!
     Next, I melted my chocolate...
      That was easy enough, since I've melted chocolate dozens of times. I did transfer the melted chocolate to another bowl and let it cool down for a few minutes.
     I place the wax paper on a tray so I had a place to put the balloons after they were dipped.

      I then place circles of melted chocolate on the wax paper, which would serve as a base for the bowls.

     And then the real fun began.
     I dipped my first balloon, set it on the little chocolate circle, and went about dipping my next balloon. However, my third or fourth balloon in, they started to explode on me. Chocolate was sent flying everywhere! It was all over my arms and apron, my kitchen walls, cabinets, floor, and in every nook and cranny that my little kitchen posesses. What's worse, is my husband and kids were trying to take a nap, and they were awaken by loud "POPS!" followed by either shrieking or a little naughty word.... eek! Here is a little sample of what the tray looked like after a balloon had exploded...

     I called Christie and started to freak out! Our date was in a few hours, and I was afraid I couldn't make these bowls work! She calmed me down and said it was totally fine if the bowls didn't turn out... we could just eat our ice cream out of regular bowls. No biggie.

     But I wasn't satisfied! I was bound and determined to finish these bowls and take them to our amazing dinner date! I let the chocolate cool significantly, and things started to work out...

     They weren't looking as awesome as the ones I had seen, but at least they were functionable, right? That's all I was hoping for in this case. :)

     So, they may not have been very pretty, but they were pretty darn tasty!

     And, they were a hit at the dinner date, so I guess all the exploding chocolate was worth it... however, a few months later, and I am still cleaning up splatters of chocolate everywhere. However, I learned a valuable lesson that day... I will have successes, and I will have failures, and I will have projects that seem like they are doomed to fail, but with a little tweaking and endurance, I can make some pretty darn tasty lemonade out of lemons.

Happy Eating,


  1. Thanks for letting us know that sometimes everything doesn't go as planned. At least we can know that we aren't all perfect. Loved you mishaps :)

  2. Cute post:) I really want to try making these with my vegan chips! I'm sure the clean-up will be worth it!

  3. Oh man--splattered chocolate :) Love that you salvaged them though--good job!!



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