Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Easy Book Banner

Guess who is having her baby today?  Our very own Claudia!  Three years ago, I went in to be induced the day before Thanksgiving just like her.  Hopefully she pops her little turkey out way before I did (5:15pm Thanksgiving day, we don't need to do the math there).  Good luck Claudia, our prayers are with you that all goes well! Can't wait to meet her!

This was posted a little while ago over at A Glimpse Inside.  
I met Allison at the SNAP Conference.  We were the two pregnant ladies :)  Both having girls, both due first week in June, both have military husbands (mine is a former Marine, her's a deployed Army Soldier). 
Love her and love her blog! 

A friend of mine asked me to help her out a little with her little girls two year old birthday party.  She wanted a book theme.  So I offered to make her a banner out of book pages.  If you don't like the thought of ripping out book pages out of children's books...then stop reading!  This book banner was one of the easier projects I have done lately. 

You will need:
-A few books, make sure the colors coordinate or you could just use black and white. 
-One package of extra wide double fold bias tape
-A sewing machine or glue gun would work 
-A pattern (use shapes in word to make a long triangle), then print on card stock

Pick the pages out you want. Brace yourself and rip or cut the pages out.  Trace the triangles using your pattern.  Then cut them out.

Then glue or sew the bias tape on the pages. The paper will go right in between the tape.  There is something super fun about sewing with paper.

Then hang, like so...

Easy as pie!  And cute!  Oh, and did I say easy?!

Happy Partying,

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