Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Super Saturday

This year I have been called to organize Super Saturday!!!  This year Super Saturday is on September 15th from 10am to 3pm.  Funny that our very own Claudia was over it last year and our good friend Jessica the years before.  Hard shoes to fill...they are the crafting super queens!  But I am "super" excited to work with our committee and the ladies in our ward in hopes of making all of their crafting dreams come true.  For those not familiar, Super Saturday is a day where the ladies in our church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) come together to craft, talk, and craft some more.  It is a day I look forward to all year.  Often times I make gifts for friends or family for Christmas.  The best part is getting it done all in one day.  Oh, and it would not be Super Saturday without soup!

If you are in our ward (Aloha 2nd) please turn in this form and your check to me or Adrianne before August 26th.   If you are in the Portland, Oregon area and would like to join our day of fun, please comment/email us and let me know that you are interested and I will coordinate with you from there.  We would love to have you!

Here are some of the awesome crafts we came up with...
$10.00 comes in 7 or 9 inch, also white or red!
This wreath is so easy to make and much faster than the yarn wreaths we did last year! The great thing about this white one is that you can exchange with snowflake with a heart for Valentines Day and a Star for 4th of July (you will have to provide). Great versatility!

$10.00 and we will be making these awesome spider webs for the middle!

$3.00 for a set of 4.  $0.75 for additional coasters.  Lots of design options!

$2.00 for these little cute hearts.  Perfect for keeping your hands warm! 
Working on more fabric choices with smaller prints.

$4.00 for the foot warmers.
Will have cute fabrics for men or women.  Fleece or flannel options.  Some sewing machines available.  It is recommended you bring your own if you have one.

$5.00 for this adorable nativity scene. 
Glitter star included, doesn't glitter make everything better!  These make great gifts too!

Love this little Jewelry dish for only $3.00 and we will have multiple patterns available.

Come and make two of these for free!
 If you want more, no problem!  They are $2.00 each...what a steal!

Our Christmas Countdown Calendar $5.00. 
Open the drawer and do an activity or read a scripture.  We will have both options available for you to take home.
All in the Christmas spirit!

Two sided Holiday Blocks (not the 4th of July ones)! So many options at $6.00 each. 
You can use scrapbook paper or make a stencil with your vinyl. 
EEK! or BOO! with GIVE  OR NOEL/JOY! with LOVE, note your selection.

 For $9.00 make these Superhero or Princess Caps for your kids or grand kids for Christmas!  For the boys cuffs and a mask.  For the girls a tiara and wand or cuffs and a mask, your choice!  We will have some sewing machines available, we recommend you bring your own if you have one :)

 If you have any questions, please call or email Christie Blake.  My information is on the form.  Or comment below!

Happy Crafting,

Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Pasta Salad

Hello all! TGIF! Woohoo!! If you haven't already voted in our Craft Boutique Survey, please take a few seconds to do so! The poll is off to the right hand side of this little blog, and if you want to see what we're talking about, go here!

Before the weekend comes, I wanted to share a quick and easy dinner... I made it last night, and it was so yummy! I find cooking to be a little difficult in the summer... I live in a 2nd story apartment with no A/C, and I'm 5 months pregnant, so my goal every day is to heat up the house as little as possible, so I keep cooking and baking to an absolute minimum (hence the lack in posting).
*On a little side note... blogging is hard during the summer! Since Oregon doesn't get sunshine for very long, I have been spending every waking moment outside with my girls. We have done tons and tons of playing (and I hope you have too!) and just enjoying the great outdoors, which doesn't leave much time to craft, bake, cook, etc... and to be extremely honest with you, I have no desire to do any of those right now! I just want to spend every day playing in the fountains, or going on picnics, or going to the pool!*
Ok, back to the post... this pasta salad was delicious and was ready in under 30 minutes. Take that Rachel Ray! Ha ha, just kidding. But in all seriousness, I was highly impressed with this salad. My favorite part was eating those delicious avocados! My, my, my, my they were delicious!

All you need is:
Bow tie pasta, cooked and cooled
Bacon, cooked and crumbled (I used a whole package)
Zucchini, cooked until crispy tender
Grated Romano cheese
Lemon juice
Olive oil
Garlic powder

Now, notice I didn't specify how much of each you needed... that's totally up to you and your taste buds! If you like zucchini, add in a little more! Heck, you could even add in some squash too! If you loooooove bacon, add as much as you want! And I love lemon juice, so I added quite a bit more than the average person might. :)

So go ahead, start cooking the pasta and the bacon at the same time. While they are cooking, cut up the zucchini and get it cooking. Once the pasta is done, drain and rinse with cold water. Cut up the avocado and add it to the pasta. Add the zucchini when it's done cooking, and when the bacon is cooked and cooled, crumble it up and add it into the mix. Then add as much lemon juice, olive oil, garlic powder, and basil as you want! Mmmmmm..... Top it off with some Romano cheese and toss that salad up! Yum!

Happy Summer Cooking!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Craft Boutique Survey

Later this year, Christie and I have been asked to participate in a craft boutique. I've never done a craft boutique before, so I'm super excited! Eeeek! The boutique is about a month before my due date, so I want to get started on my crafts early... but I have no clue what to make! I know what I would like to make, but I don't know what people want to BUY. So... I need your opinions! If you were to buy a craft, what would you like to buy? What would catch your eye? Here are some projects that I thought were cute, and would be fun to buy...

"I love you because..." dry erase frame

Christams Yarn Wreath

Christmas Soap Dispensers

Halloween Yarn Wreath (I can also do a fall one)

Glass Etched Dish Soap or Olive Oil Dispenser

Magnetic Recipe Board with Magnets

I have a lot more ideas, but I thought I should keep it fairly simple. :) What do you think? Are these things you would buy? Help me!! I need your input!! Also, on the right side of the blog, you will see a place where you can vote for your favorite craft... so please vote!

Happy Crafting, 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!...Strawberry Stuffed Cupcakes and a Flag Cake

Happy Independence Day!!!  Thank you to my hubby who served our country as a Marine.  So happy to have him in my life!  To celebrate this day and summer I made a few little treats for a BBQ we went to the other day.  The same one Claudia took her delicious Inside out Smores too!  MMMMmmm Yummy!

These cupcakes were made with the leftover cake batter from the cake.  Because I made the cake in a pie dish I only needed half of the batter.  The rest made these cupcake and the strawberry was my husbands idea...well, all I have to say is... genius!  They are sooo good.  But I am a sucker for anything involving strawberries. The cake and the frosting parts were an extra bonus!

 Fill your cupcake tins with any cake batter and stick a frozen strawberry in the middle.  Tastes just like strawberry shortcake!
 And this well again, super easy..make a cake and some white frosting. Then just cut up your strawberries or any red fruit and put it in rows to make a flag design.  Add your blueberries and done:)
Happy 4th,

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Inside Out S'mores

   Many things are associated with summer... hot weather (unless you're in Oregon... It's been around 70-75 degrees here), swimming, hiking, picnics in the park, popsicles, and camping. Oh yeah, and S'MORES! Can I get a Woot, Woot? S'mores are such a fun treat, especially when you are camping. I love the ooey, gooey mess that s'mores make, and I love licking the marshmallow and melted chocolate off my fingers. Nom, nom!!

     Well, the other day, we had a potluck get-together for our church, and I wanted to make something summer-y, and of course, s'mores came to mind. But how do you make s'mores for a bunch of people without getting the sticky mess or without having a campfire? You make Inside Out S'mores!

    These were so simple and easy to make... it literally took me 10 minutes from start to finish... Now that's my kind of treat! What I love about these s'mores is you still get that fun taste of marshmallow/chocolate/graham cracker without the mess... so it's a perfect treat for kids. But what was even better was watching the reaction on the adults faces as they ate these. Their faces just lit up and it kind of brought out the kid in them. :) Needless to say, these were a big hit at the potluck, and were devoured in a matter of minutes.

    I first came across these here, so I can't claim the credit for these ingenious treats... but I did make a few adaptations to the recipe. The other blog used skewers, but I thought the skewers were a little too long, so I used toothpicks. The other blog also used a ganache type chocolate, but I just melted regular chocolate to save on time. The melted ganache would have taken too long to harden, and I needed these to be ready-to-go in about 15 minutes... I didn't have time for the ganache to set. I also used just  a little more chocolate and graham crackers. :) Can't ever have enough chocolate and mashed up graham crackers!

     Want to make some for your next get-together, or just for a summer afternoon treat? Here's what you'll need to do...

1. Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper.
2. Finely crush about 7-10 graham crackers and put them in a bowl.
3. Take the gigantic marshmallows and insert the toothpicks.
4. Melt some melting chocolate (You can use Wilton's melting chocolates... I got mine at WinCo in the bulk bin aisle.)
5. Dip the marshmallow in the chocolate, and then immediately roll it in the crushed up graham crackers.
6. Set on the wax paper and wait for the chocolate to harden.

     That's it! You're finished! Ta-Da!



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