Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!...Strawberry Stuffed Cupcakes and a Flag Cake

Happy Independence Day!!!  Thank you to my hubby who served our country as a Marine.  So happy to have him in my life!  To celebrate this day and summer I made a few little treats for a BBQ we went to the other day.  The same one Claudia took her delicious Inside out Smores too!  MMMMmmm Yummy!

These cupcakes were made with the leftover cake batter from the cake.  Because I made the cake in a pie dish I only needed half of the batter.  The rest made these cupcake and the strawberry was my husbands idea...well, all I have to say is... genius!  They are sooo good.  But I am a sucker for anything involving strawberries. The cake and the frosting parts were an extra bonus!

 Fill your cupcake tins with any cake batter and stick a frozen strawberry in the middle.  Tastes just like strawberry shortcake!
 And this well again, super easy..make a cake and some white frosting. Then just cut up your strawberries or any red fruit and put it in rows to make a flag design.  Add your blueberries and done:)
Happy 4th,

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