Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quiet Book Page 3--Tie the Laces!

Our little quiet book group has been at it again!  This time we created a "Tie the Laces" page.  Don't mind me, I tied my laces upside down :)

I have uploaded the pattern here.

For this page you will need the following:
-White and colored embroidery thread, needle
-Shoe laces (short ones work best)
-One sheet of white felt, one of colored (the color you want your shoes)
-One sheet of felt for your background
-1/4 yard of heavy iron on interfacing (iron)
-Glue gun or fabric glue
-Grommets and grommet tool

First trace and cut all your felt out.  Before you glue everything on construct your shoes. It helps to layout the pieces first, so you know where everything goes.  Iron on the interfacing on the back of the 4 pieces that will have the grommets.  You won't see that pictured here, we added this step, because we had trouble with the grommets coming out.  The interfacing should help.  You can then put the grommets on.  Three per side, six per show, twelve total.  Then stitch with white thread on the inside of each grommet flap. 

Next, stitch the white shoe tip to the smaller shoe piece with the colored thread like below.
Then stitch again with the white thread. All the way around the colored shoes from the top of the flap outer edge to the top of the other flap.  You can then glue the white larger shoe shape to the smaller colored shoe shape.

Glue down your letters and the whole shoes. 
Then tie the laces!
Do you see Claudia in the back right corner there.  She is concentrating really hard on cutting her felt!  So pretty :)

Happy crafting,
Christie & Claudia


  1. I love your quiet book pages! I recently made books for my own kids and drew a bit of inspiration from you! They're up on my blog if you want to check 'em out:
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the template for this quiet book page - it's adorable!



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