Thursday, August 30, 2012

We're Still Here, I Promise!

We have not forgotten about this little blog. I promise.
Can I be honest with you? Blogging is hard during the summer! The weather has been so beautiful up here, that I've tried to take advantage of every sun ray that comes our way... I've been spending tons of time at the park and the fountains, and going on lots of picnics instead of editing photos and typing up blog posts... and it has felt so good!

And to those of you who have requested quiet book page templates... we are working on those, and we haven't forgotten about you! I have every single one of you saved in my email, so that when we get the templates finished, I can let you know!!!

However, I wanted to give you a little peek at my summer and some of the projects I have finished...
and I apologize in advance for the photos. They aren't the greatest, so sue me. :)

I've recovered a few diaper boxes with fabric. I found a great tutorial here. While making these boxes, I learned that it's quicker and prettier to use spray adhesive instead of Mod Podge. Mod Podge made my fabric all wrinkly and took twice as long.... so if you'r in the mood to recover some boxes, for the love of everything.... PLEASE USE SPRAY ADHESIVE! :)

Also, my fabric was see-through, so I taped computer paper to the box before spraying the fabric on...
And now I've got some great storage bins for my girls' room!

I also repainted this lovely little decor that I found at the DI a long, long time ago...
It's been in my girls' bathroom for the past year and a half, and I finally decided that it needed some new color...

 And voila! This beauty was born! I absolutely love it!

I have also been making tons of baby stats boards... I made some for my girlies, and I have made a couple for baby gifts... (If you would like to order one, please email me at They make fabulous gifts and only cost $25 plus S&H).

I've also made this recipe board for a cousin of mine who got hitched about a week ago....
I have one as well, and I absolutely love it!!
(Want to order one? Email me, and let me know! These are only $15 plus S&H).

And in between all of my projects, I've had to visit the doctor's every 2 weeks for ultra sounds and
check ups for this pregnancy. My last pregnancy had some complications, so they are keeping a close eye one me...

I've also been surviving on Diet Coke, and my tummy is now big enough I can use it as a drink holder.
Ah, the joys of pregnancy!

To prepare for our little one's arrival, I sewed some burp cloths, but they turned out kind of hideous, so I decided not to post a pic of them. :) But, since they're just going to be used for wiping up spit up and other fun stuff, I'm not really worried about how they look. Tee hee hee...
I have also been doing a couple of custom yarn wreath orders (They're just $20 if you want to order one!). I made this wreath for a friend who recently moved to Utah, and I loved the colors of it!

I've been making my girls some new hair bows...
and I'll be making a lot more hair bows since we found out we are adding a 3rd little girl to our family!

I recently got back from a 2 week vacation in Utah...

While I was there...

My hubs and I attended our 10 year high school reunion... Nate and I went to high school together and even graduated the same year, but never talked to each other until a few years after high school, so it was fun to go to a "high school" event together.

We celebrated this little one's 3rd birthday...
She is one crazy little girl, and we absolutely love her!

And remember that cousin that got hitched? I helped my mom and aunts put together her dessert buffet for her reception, and it turned out beautiful! The photographer even asked if she could get our catering card.... Ha!

And finally, I've been taking care of my Ava who broke her elbow mid-July on the monkey bars.
That totally put a damper on going to the fountains... as well as going to the park and doing anything related to summer.... no beach, no swimming, no swings, no bikes.... yuck!!!!
I'll be honest, it has totally been the pits.
I can't even imagine how Ava has felt!

But we got her cast off a couple of days ago, and we celebrated by going to Wendy's and getting a frosty!
And today, we are headed to the park for a lovely picnic!!

And to top things off,
I am moving in three weeks to a place just down the street, so I've started packing up our apartment!

I hope you have all had a great summer!!
I'm sure you've been just as busy as I have, but now that fall is approaching,
I can't wait to get into the groove of crafting again!


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  1. Wow, I'm just trying to figure out how you find the time! You and Christie are like super women! I'm a wee bit jealous y'all's creativity. Nice crafts!



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