Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Candy Corn Cake...Happy Halloween!

Hey peeps, Happy Halloween!!!  I hope you have not lost hope in Pops and Podge.  We are here, just busy!  Claudia is about to pop any day now or so she wishes. She actually has another three weeks to go until we welcome baby girl #3 into this world.  Can't wait to meet her!  
I have been busy with a little baby of my own.  A conference I have been working on for over a year is coming to fruition in two weeks from today.  And of coarse my sweet little girl Savannah and Boston too!  Busy summer turned right into busy fall.  Oh time, I wish I had more of you.  Anywho, enough about us, let's talk about cake!!
I have made up this little Halloween special, just for you (and for my mom's birthday).  It's a 6 inch three layer deal with different colored layers just like a candy corn! 

Don't be like me and in a hurry accidentally frost the layers differently than the order of the cakes.  Silly me.  Don't you love my little boy in the background with his finger in the frosting.

Enjoy! And be safe!
Happy Halloween,

1 comment:

  1. I love seeing Boston in the background - cutie!
    Looks yummy!



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