Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Staching Through the Snow

Wow. It's been three whole weeks since we've blogged.... we are just slightly slacking... but with good reason, mind you. Christie just finished planning an event and she was working insanely crazy hours and what about me? Oh yeah... I had a baby three weeks ago.
My sweet little Colbie Anne was born on Nov. 21st. She has just been pure joy and delight since the moment she arrived. She is the best baby ever and her other two sisters just love her!!! So, instead of cooking and crafting,  doing laundry and cooking,  I've just held this little baby and given her oodles of kisses and lots of cuddle time. :)
 Before Colbie was born, I was invited to participate in a handmade ornament swap. The swap was on Dec. 1st, which was after Miss C was born, so I had to get cracking on making my ornaments before she was born. You may remember that I participated in it last year... and made this little beauty. tle Well, my ornaments last year were a little time consuming, so this year, I wanted something easy and inexpensive... and I also wanted something a little fun.
Since mustaches are all the rage right now, I thought it would be fun to make a mustache ornament.
I went to Home Depot and got some paint stirring sticks (you should have seen the face on the employee's face when I asked for 10 paint sticks.... it was priceless!).
I came home and cut each stick into 4 pieces. After I was done cutting all the ornaments, I sanded the edges and then drilled holes in them. The top part of the ornament got 4 holes drilled into it, and the bottom part only got 2 holes drilled...
I added a couple of coates of white paint, then did a coat of glitter paint (you can't see it in the picture. Bummer! But they were glittery!), let everything completely dry, added the black vinyl, and sealed everything in with a lovely little coat of Mod Podge. I then used floral wire to complete the little ornament.
I love how these turned out! What I love even more, was they virtually cost me nothing to make. The paint sticks were free... I already had the black vinyl, Mod Podge, and white paint on hand.... so all I had to buy was the wire and glitter paint... which I used my Michael's coupons on... yes, even though items are only $1.99, I still use a 40% off coupon. I am that cheap, and I'm not ashamed!!
If any of you have made ornaments, I would love to see them!!
 Just link up your handmade ornaments below, and have fun browsing other handmade ornaments.
I'm not asking that you follow our blog, or like us on facebook or anything...
(it would be nice, though... just sayin')...
I just want y'all to get some good ideas and have fun!


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