Thursday, June 11, 2015

June Crafty Night

Hello Crafters!

Craft night is once upon us. Cool beans, cool beans.

This isn't gonna be a long post cause Christie is out having fun, living it up with political celebrities for an award she won... in freaking sunny Florida.

And Claudia is... well, lazy. Just kidding! I'm preparing to move soon, which pretty much takes up all my energy.

But because we eat/sleep/drink/burp crafting, we slapped together a few projects for ya. You're welcome. :)

Here are the deets:

Craft Night. At Christie's house (we will email you the directions. Don't want her address on the web in case we might have a crazy crafter fan stalking her...) on June 27th from 4 - whenever. Maybe 10 pm? Since it's at her house, we're not really picky on when this ends. Just be sure to save the date.

It's now time to introduce our crafts to you... yes, you might recognize a couple. That's cause they're so dang cute, we wanted to offer them again!

State Love Board

Super popular...
Can be any state.
Please state whether you want a medium stain or dark stain.


Have Courage & Be Kind Boards

Set of 3
Each board is 10x12
Please specify what colors you would like.
Colors shown are cream, mint, coral, and gold.


Be Brave. Have Courage. Explore Boards

Set of 3
Each board is 10x12.
Specify if you want to paint these (and what color)
or if you want us to pre-stain it (dark or medium stain).


**If you would like to mix and match the two sets of boards (ie have 4 boards in a set) just make a note, and we'll message you for additional pricing and deets. :)

Inital/Name Board

Please indicate what colors/inital/name you would like.


I Pledge Board

Super cute... 
Approx. 9x18 (yes, it's long!)

We will have vinyl for you to apply. 
Vinyl can be one color, or two.

Please let us know what colors you would like.


4th of July Banner

So dang adorbs. 
2 styles...
Stripes or Floral.

Material can be sewn or glued on.


4th of July Wreath

2 styles to choose from...
Blue/white chevorn (1st pic)
or Denim (2nd pic)


Please sign up here.

Check us out on FB here for updates.

Email us at if you have any questions!


Claudia & Christie


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