Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fall Craft Night 2017

Hola friends!
Life is so crazy, and we're about to make it even crazier with a craft night! Should we call it CRAFTING WITH THE CRAZIES?! Ha ha... Don't answer that. ;) 

We've done smaller craft nights here and there, but since October and November are such fun months to decorate for, we wanted to offer a few different things this time around!

Below are listed all the pictures and prices of each craft. At the bottom of the post, you'll see a form that you can fill out for what you'd like. 

Craft night will be on Saturday, Oct. 21st from 4-10 pm at Christie's house. We love to keep it open-house style which means you can come any time you want and leave whenever! About a week before craft night, we will email you the address and will invoice you around that time as well!

Halloween Trio
*Includes all 3 boards

Halloween Candy Wreath 

Halloween Mummy Wreath

Halloween Garland 

Out of Treats Sign

Count Your Blessings 

Tassel Fall Bunting 

 Country Fall Flannel Wreath

Falling Leaves Wreath

State Love Sign 
*These make phenomenal Christmas presents. Just sayin'.

Here is the form to sign up! We need all orders to be placed by Oct. 12th! Feel free to email us or FB us with any questions!


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