Craft Nights

Welcome to our Craft Night page.  We get together every month here in Portland, OR to chat, laugh, eat and craft!  If you do not live close by and are interested in any of the craft kits, email me or comment, I might be able to ship something.  Happy crafting!


  1. Hey Girls, my name is Connie I followed your blog through a blog hop, I'm at
    I did sign up to follow you, and hope that you will follow me back, I'm a total newbie but who couldn't use another friend. Nice site!

  2. I love the craft night idea! You have the cutest ideas!

  3. We are doing something like this for our church. Would you be kind enough to email me the "ingredients" for putting together the snow men. I will be purchasing these things for the ladies at the church. my email is pastor at lenoxcommunity dot org.



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